Child’s Dresser to Mid-Century Modern Makeover – Part I

I purchased this 2003 dresser and hutch for $50 from the original family that used it in a child’s bedroom. It was WELL used, but it was pine and I knew with proper tools and a little elbow grease, I could refinish it into a piece that someone would re-love. If you have a child’s dresser not being used anymore and want to modernize it, stick around, and I’ll show you how to achieve a mid-century modern makeover.

child's dresser makeover part I with hutch before

Step 1: Sanding Prep

You will need to sand using different grits during additional phases of the project. During this phase, I used the grits listed below. To see why I sanded this piece, click the link.

child's dresser makeover part I 
 Sanding dresser
Sand in a motion that follows the grain of the wood.
  • Orbital Sander
  • 60 grit round
  • 150 grit round
  • Rag with mineral spirits or damp rag with water for cleanup after sanding
  • Sandpaper Grit Chart from

Step 2: Cut off existing legs

My client wanted a modern look rather than the traditional one offered by this child’s dresser. To achieve this, it was necessary to cut away the traditional wooden legs and replace them with black metal legs purchased online. It’s not a hard process at all. I’ve listed the materials below. The only thing that didn’t come out 100% is that one of the back legs ended up being a 1/4 inch shorter, which made the piece a little wobbly. I added a felt pad to it and cut it to match the leg — problem solved.

  • Frog tape – to keep the wood from splintering
  • Circular saw
  • Eye and ear protection

Once you’ve gotten rid of the legs you don’t want, it’s time to add the ones you do. I got these off of Amazon. Link is below.

Gosche 4-inch Metal Furniture Legs – Amazon link

Click for my obligatory Amazon Disclaimer . 😉

child's dresser makeover part I leg for link
child's dresser makeover part I  finished dresser legs

Stay tuned for Part II of Child’s Dresser Mid-Century Modern Makeover.

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  1. hello fellow Bloggers
    I love how resourceful and creative you are! It’s amazing how you were able to turn a well-used piece of furniture into something beautiful and modern. Your step-by-step guide is so helpful and informative, and I appreciate the attention to detail in the sanding process. It inspires me to look at old furniture in a new light and try my hand at refinishing. Thank you for sharing your project with us!
    Thanks – PomKing

    1. You’re so very welcome! Happy refinishing!

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