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The term “DIY” is overused. It conjures up images of weekend chore lists, never-ending home maintenance, and challenging tasks we don’t want to do. OK, maybe, it’s just me that doesn’t want to do them. I’m changing the acronym. Let’s call it F-I-T. Find. Invent. Transform.

What do you say when your mother-in-law brings you end tables to paint?
If you have furniture, like I do, that’s sitting around needing some love, give it some! See how I use REGULAR, flat paint to flip this dresser.
Think twin beds are only for kids?
Absolutely not!
In our guest room, we’ve had college friends, a mom and her teenage son, and of course, a married couple that was elated to not have to share a bed with their restless partner!
See how I turn a run-down antique Chifferobe into a useful extra closet for the guest room.
This “Jenny Lind”- inspired bench was created with an old, full-size Jenny Lind headboard and footboard and makes a great addition to a mudroom.

I love to re-purpose and renovate used furniture and antiques.  I guess it’s the saver in me.  I don’t like to see ANYTHING go to waste!  Take a look at the pieces that I’ve enjoyed transforming into loved and versatile furniture in my home and in the homes of others, and get some helpful hints on products and techniques you can use to create your own masterpieces.

We’ve always been do-it-yourself. In that we’ve had complete control.

Keren Woodward (singer, Bananarama)

Now, get F.I.T. and have fun!!!

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